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3D wooden map of Bulgaria


3d wooden map of Bulgaria - wonderful decoration for your space

Our wooden 3D map of Bulgaria is the perfect way to bring life to any space in your home, office or villa.

Assembly of the map is extremely easy with a corner template to start with.

If you want the map in a color that you don’t find on our site, contact us and we will make it.

Especially for this map, you will also find wooden stickers with famous monuments and landmarks from Bulgaria.


To keep your 3D map in excellent condition for years to come, follow these guidelines:

-Do not leave the card in direct sunlight.

-Do not clean with corrosive chemicals or cleaning solutions.

-Do not use abrasive tools to clean the surface.

-Clean regularly with a soft microfiber or cotton cloth.

Choose your color

If you can’t find a card in the right color for you, contact us and we will make it.


  • Size s – 70×45 cm – 95 eur

  • Size M – 100×60 cm – 145 eur

  • Size L – 150х90 см – 200 eur

  • size XL – 200х120 см – 530 eur

Each map comes with double-sided mounting tape that adheres perfectly to any smooth or textured surface.

In order to place your map correctly, you will find an instruction and a template in the kit. The time for assembly and installation of one map is no more than an hour. The process is extremely easy and fun, making it suitable for all members of the family.


Поръчах 3D карта на света, много съм доволна. В комплекта имаше всичко необходимо за поставянето. Добро обслужване, коректност и бърза доставка. Препоръчвам!

Анета Шивикова


Тази стена вече е най-красивата, която имаме вкъщи. Картата е страхотна!

Георги Коцев


Страхотни карти! Прекрасно допълнение към интериора 

Stela Velcheva


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