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3D Wooden world map

Every map with a discount up to -30% till 15 may

3D Wooden world map - incredible decoration for your home and office

Explore the world from the comfort of your own home with our 3D wooden map!

The map is designed to be an ideal gift for travel enthusiasts and anyone looking for their next adventure.

We make the map in 4 sizes, so you can choose the one that best fits your style: 100×60 cm, 150×90 cm, 200×120 cm or 290×180 cm.

In classic wood colors, the card is suitable for any interior. If you want to add an accent to your furniture, take a look at our other offers:

  • Green, mustard, walnut, wenge, golden oak;
  • Turquoise, walnut, wenge;
  • Walnut, wenge, burgundy;
  • Dark and light gray and many more.
декорация за стена световна карта
дървена карта на света класик
дървена карта на света зелено с горчица
Green with mustard
3д дървена карта на света
дървена карта на света бордо


  • An original gift for travelers, inspiring when planning a trip;
  • Perfect decor and photo area suitable for any interior;
  • Useful for acquiring new knowledge of geography;
  • Lightweight and made of high quality natural materials;
  • Easy to mount on a wall;
  • Easy to clean, covered with natural wood;
  • With a variety of colors and 3D design;
  • Made in EU.

Get a 3D wooden world map WITH A GIFT

With each map model, you get a gift: a set of airplanes, sailboats, dolphins and a compass.


  • Size M – 100х60 см – from €140 to €105
  • Size L – 150х90 см – from €185 to €160 лв.
  • Size XL – 200х120 см – from €250 to €220 лв.
  • Size XXXL – 290х180 см – from €330  to €280

The offer is valid until March 15th.


Поръчах 3D карта на света,много съм доволна. В комплекта имаше всичко необходимо за поставянето. Добро обслужване, коректност и бърза доставка. Препоръчвам!

Анета Шивикова


Тази стена вече е най-красивата, която имаме вкъщи. Картата е страхотна!

Георги Коцев


Страхотни карти! Прекрасно допълнение към интериора 

Stela Velcheva


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